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Hi all

Guest weekendwarrior

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Guest weekendwarrior

Hi there,


I have been flying for about 2 years, working slowly towards my PPL when I can find the time and the money (sounds familiar anybody ?). I have 35 odd hours and went solo in June last year.


Beyond the PPL and maybe a few ratings and endorsements, a realistic assessment of my finances (I have two kids, a girlfriend and an ex-wife...) would probably have me agree with the conventional wisdom : If it does float or fly, rent it.


Ok, float or fly, sorry for being politically incorrect on my first post :pig:


This being said, I'd like to fly a bit more than the occasional (and awesome) Victor One around Sydney beaches, and the idea of flying one of the new crop of flash and sleek LSA such as Jabiru, Tecnam, Sportstar, Allegro, Sting, Virus... you name it, across the country is appealing to say the least !


So I am pondering the idea of a fractional ownership for such a little beauty if I can find like-minded people to form a syndicate, possibly at Warnervale on the central coast.


Will be interested to learn from people who went down this road if there are any on the forum, pros and cons, etc...


Anyway this is probably one or two years away so until then,


happy landings to all WW



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Hi and welcome to the forums!


Apart from other people's experiences that will post here have you heard of Flyshare - they get groups of people together to form a syndicate to own an aircraft in your own area - there phone number is 02 9918-8375 or mobile 0409-445-467.


Hope this helps!



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