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Happy with lightspeed backup service


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I know that these days getting good service is something of chance, so when it's good I like to tell others. About 12 months ago I purchased a set of Lightspeed Sierra headsets for my flying. I am so happy with these and love using them. I am sure others will have thier opinion on these, but my main comment here is what happened when things went wrong with them.


I had some problems with the Bluetooth side of things and contacted the service agent here in Australia, Quality Avionics. I was advised to lodge a service on the Internet at the Lightspeed site in the USA. I thought here we go, I will need to send these to the US. I was sent a return E-mail with an RA Number and advise to post to Quality Avionics in QLD. I posted them on Thursday and had them back on Tues, and I live in Adelaide. I was surprised when the box arrived and opened it to find they had replaced my 12 month old headset with a brand new set. I am so happy with the service I wanted to share it with others. I guess you get what you pay for, but often these days you get very little no matter what you spend.


I am sure mine will last a long time, but I would purchase them again in a heartbeat.


2nd post and Already blowing my trumpet LOL





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