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Hi All


Looking at our hosting, its costs and the resources that we have available with it I had an idea...


As a free offer to any company, aircraft agent/distributor etc that would like to take out advertising here on Recreational Flying, the most popular recreational aviation site here in Australia, I can offer you FREE web site hosting and email services on our server.


So not only do you get 24hrs a day, 7 days a week exposure to the aviation world, be seen by thousands of visitors every single day, get picked up by Google search, be considered as being a supporter of Recreational Flying, be able to converse with thousands of potential customers, have a dedicated forum available for you, and much much more...but you also get to save all the costs of your web site and email hosting as well. I hope that becomes a win-win for both you, Recreational Flying and all the thousands of users here on the site. This site IS the biggest "live" community of recreational aviation in Australia and there is no better way to get your message across to thousands of aviators "instantly".


The 2nd FREE offer...as a way of Recreational Flying helping flying clubs out there, I can also extend this offer of free hosting and email to Flying Clubs as well in return of simply adding a link to Recreational Flying on your club web site and promoting the site to your club members. We are also setting up a dedicated Club/School section on the site as well which should also compliment your club/school exposure.


Naturally these offers are subject to capacity and demand so it is first come first served with priority given to advertisers



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