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G'Day All


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G'day All,


Thought I'd better pop my $0.02 worth in and get rid of the nag message at the top.


Living in Geelong, VIC and wanting to get into Trikes.. just gotta lose the gut to make it more feasible.


Working on that though. It's good incentive to do same.


Like pretty much all of us.. have been aircraft mad since I was a tadpole.. always looking up at anything going overhead.


Just gotta convince the Minister of War and Finance that it is a good thing to get into.







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There are quite a few Trike Pilots on this forum who all seem to love flying their machines and are only too willing to offer support or advice, and when the time comes and the Minister of Finance approves, they can steer you towards a Trike for sale which should meet your requirements and budget.





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Well Nich , We all Enjoy immensely Our time in the Hangers all over OZ chin wagging with like minded people and Pilots , Bouncing Ideas off one another and describing past flight experiences, all wile tweaking and performing Maintenance on our Birds, all a prelude to throwing open those Bomb Bay doors and committing Aviation ! Maybe the "War Minister" ,when introduced to this Recreational Pursuit surely will see the merits to both your Lives, and help you convince her altar ego, the "Finance Minister" to part with the Budget and encourage you to follow your Dreams ! Then were woken, to find Of course this all takes place in an alternate Reality, to a different luckier Nich lol !! So if all else Fails Mate just Sneak out , Our Mistresses are more Understanding, They don't judge us ! The only Demands are A little TLC and Fuel and we don't put too much weight on, their ready and willing for a spin and are eager to please . Aaahh ! A perfect PERFECT world NOT . But Hey !! That could be just me ? Best of Luck with it all Nich, Cheers Lance..



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XC-Buzzard and skeptic36.. thanks for the input.


Am slowly working on "The Boss".. I am dragging her to one of the local trike blokes this weekend for a chat and a look around.


Even if the weather is crappy.. as they are predicting.. we can still play in the hangar and try to persuade her that all is good in the world.







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