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Pocket PC GPS moving map setup question

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For quite some time i have owned a toshiba pocket PC, i have


also seen in numerous pics and articals, the pocket pc being used as a


moving map GPS navaid.


my question is, what is required to be able to use the pocket pc


as described?? all i have is the pocket pc and nothing


else. (except usual pc, docking port etc)


do i need a gps for it? how is the gps signal transfered to the PPC? what software is used?


pretty much everything to make a setup work.


Thank you in advance.



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Thanks for the links, unfortunatly my PDA doesnt have bluetooth


capability, but my GPS has a serial output, but sadly no


serial input for the PDA, might need to get an adaptor or upgrade


the PDA...


How reliable is the setup with the PDA software and how accurate is it??



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I have a pda with the GPS built into the cradle which I use in the car with the Destinator software . For this application it is excellent but really for the price of a small garmin gps etrek or similar around $300 -$400 it is a far more practical reliable solution for aviation.


Just program a pile of your favorite destinations or waypoints and use the "go to" function. simple , reliable, inexpensive, portable, and an excellent back up for your manual navigation. There are some very robust and relatively inexpensive cradles available that will clamp somewhere on every aircraft.



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Guest Bazza

Yes, they are excellent and with the addition of a software package called PocketFMS available for free download and use from http://www.pocketfms.com/the PDA becomes a $2000 plus aviation GPS. Have a look at the above site and you will get an idea of the versitility of the PDA.



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i already have an Etrex, as well as a Garmin Emap, loaded with


mapsource maps, great for motorcycle touring, but looking


at my PDA sitting there and the big serial cable coming out of my


Emap. i figured may as well use them both for something more


useful than just the Etrex for a backup navaid. just a little


bit more situational awareness is always a good thing.



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Guest micgrace



Don't suppose anyone knows how to get photos from mobile phone bluetooth into computer? without hooking the phone up to the internet. Or something like that.





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Ok, looks like i might need to update my PDA, my old Toshiba was made


in 2001, and has no bluetooth capability, or serial/usb input for a gps




so what would the recommended PDA be for use almost entirly as a GPS moving map setup???


to the phone pics thing


if the phone has infrared port, and you have a PDA with an infrared


port, you can do it that way, or in the case of a 3 phone, there


should be a memory stick in the phone you can put straight into the pc


if you have a card reader.


when travelling i use my PDA to write emails, then use the infrared


port to transfer the email to my phone and send the email wih the phone.





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