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Dear Dad...


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The Son of a wealthy Sheik attending school in Berlin writes home...



Dear Dad


Berlin is wonderful, people are nice and I really like it here, but Dad, I am a bit ashamed to arrive at my college with my pure-gold Ferrari 599GT when all my teachers and many fellow student travel by train.


Your son,




The next day, Nasser gets a reply to his e-mail from his dad:


My dear loving son


Twenty million US Dollar has just been transferred to your account. Please stop embarrassing us.


Go and get yourself a train too.







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Good one Winsor. Actually it's not far from a true story back in the 80's at RAF Coltishall. We were training the then fledgling Saudi Air Force to fly Lightnings and one pilot was the Prince blaa blaa (seniors moment). Anyway, one day he was called into the C.O.'s office and was promptly told to stop flashing his money around. He was also asked to get a smaller car than his Rolls Royce. He came in a few days later in a Lamborghini. Well, it was smaller but not as reliable as the rolls. He was on his way to London one weekend and it broke down but he manage to cruise into a car showroom where he 'exchanged' 'it for a Mini Cooper. I think the C.O. was happy after that.



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