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Social Groups on Recreational Flying have been updated...they now work like having your very own forum with threads and posts PLUS your Social Group posts are not displayed unless a user joins your group and you can set it so any new member to your Social Group has to be approved by you first...if you want it to be like that.


The Clubs-Schools section is just the same...you can have your very own forum for your Club or School right here at Recreational Flying by simply creating a Social Group in the Clubs-Schools section. Like the general social groups you can then decide whether you want your Club or School's posts visible to everyone or just members of your Club or School...for your events, when you enter an event in the site Event Calendar, you can select to just display the event to the members of your Club or School in your Social Forum or in the general forum Events for everyone to see...your choice.


So create your own forum here at Recreational Flying and invite all your friends and others from your Club or School to join in in your own public or private forum today...have fun and hope you find this feature here at Recreational Flying of benefit to you with your specific interest in the Social Groups (under Forums on the main menu) or your Club or School (Clubs-Schools section on the main menu).



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Also, forgot to mention...in your site settings (click your username on the right of the main menu) there is a feature where you can use the site to automatically invite your friends and Club or School colleagues to the site and you are also updated there if they join in.



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