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Safety Bulletin SB-002-15-08-2012 All Aircraft Control Cables.


Affects all aircraft fitted with flight control cable terminal fittings, possible failure and cracking due to corrosion.





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Speaking of safety bulletins, I was on the RAAus website today looking at SB's for the Rotax 912 and 6 of the 7 latest SB's listed don't open when clicked on. Just get a message "Not Found, the item you have requested is missing". Dropped RAAus an e-mail about it but got no response.......



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It is in hand to resolve however with most of the ADs not available on the RAAus web site it is hard to maintain integrity of them here. It has been on my radar for some time, since Feb this year, and recently I got so sick of it I made comments of it to a couple of board members but still nothing was done so recently I took the matter further and made a complaint to CASA about it...they know about it and the answer I got was "Guess who will be getting an email very very soon".


Hopefully the RAAus web site will be fixed up so I can get back to reporting ADs and ANs to you all as soon as I get notified of them automatically from the RAAus web site...please stay tuned



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