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I just downloaded it from the store and away it went. If you have a look at the website they give a lot of tips but it is very intuitive. I know Bas and his crew run some sessions at fly-ins and I'd be almost certain they will be at the one next month, too.


If you go into SETTINGS you will see the tabs to download The ERSA and your maps, also to set your aircraft icon. Open the map for the area you are located in (WAC, VNC or VTC) and you will see your aircraft icon at your current position.


Double tap the screen and a message appears asking if you want to add this as a waypoint to your flight plan...repeat as necessary.


Good luck





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Ditto! Lots of people use OzRunways so help is at hand for sure... Thier is really no setup just downloading of the maps needed.... Robert can you help us to assist you with a bit more direction in your question



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