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Finally flew my first LSA-C162 Skycatcher


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After many months of looking around I did my my first flight in a LSA, the C162 Skycatcher. It has been 14 years since a flew any single engine aircraft, but it was fun.


The C162 was a nice aircraft to fly and the Garmin G300 was really easy to read and use and contains just as much information as the Regional Jet I normally fly.


The aircraft is very pitchie, and for take off you only need to move the stick slightly (about 5mm of travel) aft and it leaps offthe runway and climbs away better than the C152, C172 and the Piper types I flew as an instructor many years ago. Visibility was great ( other than the usual issues with high wings), it was nice to fly along at 90KIAS and enjoy the view.


With 2 of us on board and around 80 lts of fuel on and 26 deg 0AT the aircraft averaged a ROC of 1100fpm at 70 kts, and pulling back to 55 we were going up at 2000fpm.


After some upper Airwork, where it flew just like a C152, other than the glide approach( which was far better in the Slycatcher), it was back to do some CCTs. Even with the 20 knots blowing in the CCT the aircraft was easy to handle and although my first flare was a little high(I'm use to flaring at 5O knots, it was easy to land. After another 2 CCTs the instructor was happy that I was safe to fly the aircraft on my own.


The C162 is VH rego, so my plan is to get the 5 hours up this machine and then convert my ATPl over to RAA. Once I have the RAA my plan is go have a go of the Pipersport, Sportstar and the Texan.


I'm now hooked on LSA's



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