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airborne buzzard for sale

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still up for grabs is an original buzzard. tt 71 hrs, tatty wing, 2 seat,582 silver head non electric start with 4 blade prop. wheel splats,twin egt gauges .. was project now just taking up space. $2500 plane is near gayndah qld ph 0467598649 needs a new home now















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Not into Trikes myself but hells bells, the engine, prop and instruments must be worth more than$2500. If you don't get to sell it Kidone01, you can give it to me for my design. all I'd need to find would be another prop but the other hand rotation wise. Will collect augie.gif.8d680d8e3ee1cb0d5cda5fa6ccce3b35.gif



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hi deskpilot, i could give it to you, or i could secure it in a "little finger proof" cage and always have a breeze outside at the bbq, probably less than 2000 rpm would be enough. a 3m x 3m mesh cage with a roof would do the trick . so would snake proof mesh for the sides . thanks for the suggestion though.



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i disagree , if done right, it would blow the foam off my beer. Anyway I was only allowed to buy the plane as a father/son project if we agreed not to try and fly it, (mothers!!!) dad downloaded heaps of info from internet and we learned all we could about the plane. however, its time to move on , $2500 or will consider a swap or trade .....Ican be contacted on 0467598649 call or text, but keep offers sensible



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