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RX-800 Engine What's the Deal


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  • 9 years later...

Ummm....this engine came out of the Invader jetboat by Ron Woodleigh


I would suggest you google Ron Woodleigh RX800 and/or Ron Woodleigh and make your mind up about his business practices and/or the likelihood that anything from him via Mr Coates will ever come to anything ...



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Thanks Kasper,


I actually have one of the few jet boats that were made and am trying to find more info /manual for the engine as I am going to be re-building it soon and the guys who made it "global something or other I think" have also gone out of business. Ron built the boats but cant tell me anything about the engine as he purchased them from global I think (and yes, I googled Ron).


I need to find parts for the re-built, gaskets, seals, o-rings etc and would like to have them before stripping it down if possible. I am thinking I will have to strip it down and take the old parts to someone who can custom make new ones - any ideas who I could try in Sydney?



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