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Hey guys, I've been sitting on the side for a while and thought i'd make my self known. Very impressed with the friendliness, quality of discussion and overall good vibe on the site. Haven't flown for a while, life and business got in the way. At the moment i'm flat out reviving an early drifter found under a tree and loving it. We live in a piece of rain forest paradise on the central Qld coast with our own 850 mt grass strip. fell free to drop in, we have loads of accomadation.


Regards Jordy



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Ive forgotten how to contact you so am trying this way.


L2 at Rodds Bay is Mick Ryan, he wasn't there today but Ken Baur had his number.


Ph 49725249



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Hi Jordy 098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif It's good to see some new blood on the forum with new ideas and experiences. I am glad that you found the Drifter under a tree and not up in a tree.


You say that we can "drop in any time" , is that what happened with the Drifter????008_roflmao.gif.692a1fa1bc264885482c2a384583e343.gif





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