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Only one week away


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The Camden Haven flyin is now only 1 week away so I hope you can be there.


Chris from the RAAus office unfortunately is away ill so it looks like Mick Poole will be coming in his place to give spiel at the Sat dinner. Also, we hope to have an F16 Jocky from Williamtown there to give an account of what it is like flying an F16 - that is something that I don't want to miss.


So far the numbers are looking at around 60+ so PLEASE if you can try and make it then it would be great to see you and your aircraft there.


Also, if there is anyone in Melbourne that is/might/could go in a car then I need some help. I will supply the car and petrol if someone wants to drive it up to the Flyin from Melbourne and back again. I need to get some things there and if no one can help with this it will mean that I can't fly there myself so please let me know if you can help out with this - thanks



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