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I've been looking all over the net for good advice on painting aeroplanes but have as yet been unsuccessful.


Does anyone know of any site where you can get a clear answer on what paint is needed, what it costs and where you get it?


The plane I want to paint is my Cheetah (when I get it built) which is aluminium, stits, and fibreglass.


I want two colours, one of them metallic (no, I won't tell you the colour scheme)


Could someone point me in the right direction where I can compare cost and quality.





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Guest micgrace



Seeing the Cheetah is amatuer built, could paint it with say, auto spies hecker (one of the more reliable brands) 2 pac with added plastizer. This opens up the possibility of all type of effects (say addition of metal flake, flip paint etc) that just not possible with aero enamel.


Naturally the fabric would need to be treated conventionally to silver coat stage then use a light 2 pac primer/plastizicer /sand & sand some more and more.... Test for paint reaction to previous treatments always.





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Stits do a very good finishing manual which gives all you need to know to use their systems. Available from the Moorabin equipment supplier whos'e namw escapes me at the moment.



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