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G'Day from Echuca


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G'Day from Echuca


Hi everyone,


came close to doing th GA thing in Perth (1984). BUT bought house, kids kept growing, wife needed.......


So it didn't happen - (and so many years went past), and then one day while travelling past the Echuca Airport as I had done so many times before - I stopped and saw this small areoplane - a Jabiru.


Talked to everyone...very cheap to learn.....flys like a "real" aeroplane.....it is a real aeroplane....you can start NOW. WOW!


Went home and said (to wifey) "I'm going to learn to fly in an ultralight"


She said "I DON'T THINK SO!" - Took her to airport and showed her the Jabiru.


"Oh That's OK - It's a real aeroplane." she said.


The rest is history -I now fly as much as I can in my new J160C.


and I LOVE IT!!!



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You bet it is!


Watched it take off - really sounded great.


Peter was over the moon.


It came up really well with just a few small adjustments required.


We were very impressed with Cliff's flying (the zodiac).





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Hi Peter


That's great. I know exactly how you would have felt re flying and wifes reactions etc.My wife once said to me after her first and only flight in a Glider with me "It was OK until you started circling".


Lesson one: Never take your wife flying until you have lots of flying experience and not in an Es52 Mark IV Kookaburra.


Just do a circuit.


She is yet to agree to fly in the Jabiru.


If (I should say "when")I get my (our) J160 airborne, Echuca is one of the places I will have to visit as I have flown over it on a cross country training nav to Ballarat from Griffith.


The trouble with Victoria is that there are far too many roads, towns, aerodromes, hills, lakes, rivers, restricted airspace etc compared to the Riverina!


Once I crossed the river into Victoria, I just get one fix figured out and we are over the next one or two or three! We tracked YGTH, YTOC,YBDG,YBLT on the way down.


By contrast, on the return trip (YBLT,YBDG,YDLQ, YGTH)as we passed over Deniliquin I think with about an hour to go in the Jabiru I could just see the range of hills North ofGriffith.There were no other major distracting landmarks of any consequence until we were within sight of Griffith. On track, there was the "Coleambally outfall canal" with poweline beside it at one point and I think this was about abeam of Coleambally. It has a distinctive bend in the canal if you intersect it at the right place.


Regards Ross



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Hi Ross,


thanks for the input. If your coming to Echuca let me know so I can meet you and show you around etc etc.


So far I've flownmy parents in law, 4 of my 5 grandkids (the youngest is only 11 months), my daughter and her husband, my son (whose wife said "Have you seen just how small it is!" and "Hell will have to freeze over first" (lovely girl) and my wife (who want's to know "we spent all this money" where all the cup holders are).




My surname is Arnold, we could be related.????





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