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Ultralight Down Near Brisbane...


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Pilot Walks Away From Ultralight Crash


July 20, 2007 01:07pm


A PILOT has walked away unharmed after crash landing an ultralight plane north of Brisbane.


The Australian Search and Rescue (AusSAR) service was advised of an aircraft in difficulty shortly after 9am (AEST) after a pilot heard another pilot's distress call.


The pilot in distress had advised he was about to attempt an emergency landing because of engine trouble.


The Energex Community Rescue helicopter was called in to search an area between Kilcoy and Caboolture, north of Brisbane, a rescue spokesperson said.


The helicopter spotted the stricken ultralight aircraft on the ground near Neurum Creek, west of Woodford, about 11am (AEST) today.


The pilot was not hurt and the aircraft sustained minor damage.



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Further media update...


Pilot had lucky escape


20 July 2007


SunShine Coast Daily by Jane Gardner


Engine failure at 1000 feet could have ended in tragedy for an Adelaide pilot today.


Australian Search and Rescue received a distress call from the man at 9am, who was flying somewhere above the Woodford area when his engine shut down.


He managed to land the ultralite plane in a private paddock at Delaney’s Creek, near Kilcoy, with only minor damage to the fuselage and no injuries.


Energex helicopters were tasked to search for him at 9.50am. Energex pilot Brent Hall said they spotted the man at 11am leaning non-chalantly on his plane. “He was quite unfazed by the whole thing,†Mr Hall said.


“He is very lucky he wasn’t over terrain that didn’t provide him a landing area. As a pilot, I am always concerned about flying over areas where you can’t land, but between Kilcoy and Caboolture, there are numerous farms and sufficient areas to land.â€Â


Mr Hall said the Energex crew went out to ultralite crashes and emergency landings about three times a year.


“It’s certainly not an every day thing,†he said.


The man, in his 50s, had just bought the ultralite and was flying it back to Adelaide. Friends from Caboolture picked him up from the paddock.



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Plane had been stored for over 18 months, oil in the oil tank had gone off and clogged up the oil feed tube.


How it lasted a couple of hours is a pretty amazing event in itself.


He put it down in a paddock less than a football field long. Pretty lucky.


A new Rotax has been ordered and will be fitted in SA when it all gets trucked to his home state.


A lesson in this for others with old oil and fuel and coolant I think.





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