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New Old Guy


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Hi TAA members,


I have just registered as a member of TAA, but am in my mid 60's and have retired. My hobby (passion) is taking aircraft photos and have a few hundred uploaded to other databases. The only other Australian database I subscribed to was RWY34.com before it stopped taking uploads in 2007.


I held a private pilots licence for 16 years, but last flew in 1986. I flew a variety of single engine aircraft, including Victa Airtourer, Cessna 172, Warrior, Arrow, Musketeer and V tail Bonanza.


I will start uploading very soon.







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Guest David C

Peter , great to have you onboard ...No worries about age on this site , I'm in my late 50's , still an aviation tragic , and probably always will be .. Look forward to seeing some of your shots ...


Cheers ,


Dave C



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Hi Peter and Welcome to our wonderful Forum. Great to see we are getting more people who share the same passion. Great to hear about your flying experiences. Did you work in the industry???


Can't wait to have a look at your photos. Please feel free to contribute to any discussions currently that we have going. Pleases feel free yo contribute to this topic- http://theaussieaviator.net/showthread.php?t=15734&highlight=addicted+aviation%3F



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