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Fuel cards via Skyfuel

Guest Rocko

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Guest Rocko

Hi All.


A while back, there was a post concerning the somewhat painful availability of fuel cards, with the confusion due to the different companies needing to be ordered separately. Someone mentioned Skyfuel being a supplier giving access to all cards in one hit, so I thought I'd try it out.


I rang their office, was given excellent info by their staff, who then sent me an application form. Basically, the deal is they'll supply you with all 3 main cards (From BP, Mobil and Shell, as well as their own Cessnock card if required). Then, all spends are itemised on one single monthly account, which you pay by the due date on the statement and, as my understanding goes, this costs you nothing extra over the normal fuel costs. There is no minimum spend per month, and it takes a couple of weeks to get the cards all authorised and sent to you.


Seemed simple enough, I thought, so I applied.


Application was just the same as any business credit account, giving personal references and bank details, etc. I sent it through and waited. Apart from a very short delay, due to one of the cards being out of stock or something, I received the entire card kit as promised, within just a few weeks. It's even forwarded in a very slick looking vinyl folder that keeps all the cards in place, as well as carrying documents with a brilliant little aviation fuel guide, listing all the major airports where fuel is available, what sort, and whether it's a 24 hr pump or call out trucks. It also lists all phone numbers involved, AND keeps them listed alphabetically by state groupings, as well as giving other useful info.


I must say, I was a little impressed. Very simple and easy.


Now, I admit I'm not going to be using them much at all, which was the whole point of not wanting to apply to every one individually. Applying through Skyfuels took all the frigging around out of it, and they're now ready to go when I need it. Nor have I had a chance to check out the single invoice yet, since I haven't flown anywhere near these airports, but I feel a lot less stressed about it, knowing I can do so when I'm ready to, and don't have to worry whether I have the right card for the job.


So, if you're seriously thinking about getting fuel cards, and don't want to be frigged around, you might want to give them a try...











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i have been considering cards from them as well, but i am still waiting to see if i can run my rotax 503 on Avgas safely, i believe Avgas is now 100LL, or Low lead, but i am waiting on info from Burt flood. the main reason for this is the lack of availability or difficulty in getting quality Mogas when flying to other airports. not only that, but there is almost no place in Nowra that can guarantee their premium fuels don't have a component of Ethanol in them.


the third reason, i am holding out to see if a fuel card becomes available through this site.



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