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  1. The owner gave up and took it away. The canopy was the last straw. It expected the cost of a side opening 3 piece canopy with alloy frame to be about 2500. It lives now in its trailer in Doveton, Vic. I think he would let it go for any price.
  2. I think I see "Northrop" written on the fin?
  3. Trade name for nice ripstop fabric is ICAREX. but about 20 bucks per meter sq.
  4. Hi geoffreywh is the Rotax 100uls 2,000hr engine still available? Phil.
    1. geoffreywh


      no. that went months ago
  5. FULL RIVER make a direct replacement for the Odessey. Available from "Batteries Direct" in Sydney , about $160 delivered to your door. Best battery I ever found.
  6. Anybody here parked at West Wyalong? I'm flying in on the long weekend for a few days and I'd really like my Jodel undercover....Anybody know of anyone there?... Thanks,
  7. i used "Marc Ingegno" stuff from Italy. Cable operated drums for simplicity. You can have too much brakes on a T/D!
  8. Quote........."Other than being Yellow, Full River is another Odyssey. " agreed , with the proviso that Fullriver is 30% of the cost of Odyssey.
  9. Nice to see Rotec being involved................1100cc flat twin rotating at about 5000rpm should see 50hp and a bit
  10. Lots of mentions of solvents attacking gelcoat....But I never saw a fibreglass fuel tank with gel coat on the inside!....Or on the outside for that matter....Gelcoat is far too prone to cracking to put it anywhere near fuel tanks.Unfortunately I never found, in my life as a bike mech, any solvent that would remove green evaporated fuel residue. I would lean toward the citrus types (Big Kev's goo remover!) and a large washable filter.....
  11. Doing a job for a nice guy. Oil leaks cause me to remove the heads and barrels. After a clean up I find one barrel worn out and way over size tolerance. The others are OK, pistons good too, Ring gaps about 3mm!...So I need one good cylinder, worse is the fact that two heads have detonation damage. It looks as though the seats could fall out. So has anybody got a cylinder and a couple of heads for a solid lifter engine?....Got to be within wear limits. 3/8" thru' bolts. Anybody? Have a look at the pics and what do you think? Maybe I'm overthinking the heads.
  12. You should be using a multigrade if the temp is that low........... I use 20w50 exxon elite aviation oil......... Must be available around your way. It comes from the U.S. It means that you are running the engine , at least on start up, on a low viscosity oil. (thin!) and it wont thicken up 'til it gets hot. And it it doesn't get hot it wont increase the viscosity...Win Win....This oil is in the workshop manual as suitable for Jabiru.....................Cheers
  13. The Vampire is missing? That's a shame....
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