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Murphy Rebel

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Does anyone have any info on the Murphy Rebel? I saw one today at Bundaberg registered 19-****. It looked great with a radial Rotec engine on it. I was told that it had only a few hours on it so far and had some problems with the engine which were fixed by Rotec.


What I can't understand is how it can be RAAus registered with a manufacturers gross weight of 1650lb and an empty weight of 800-950 lbs. That would give a 400 lb payload at the optimum end of the scale. Not much chance of having a passenger and fuel.


It really caught my eye as a good looking utility aeroplane.



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Ian , they build up a lot lighter than those figures, but you could build the thing to take a Warner Scarab if you wanted to. They are a very versatile aeroplane. One that I have been involved with, empty weights at about 315 Kgs with a 100 hp rotax fitted Structurally they are very adequate & they have a nice control feel in the air Regards ...Nev..



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