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Examples of the latest Sailplane World Records


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I thought that the following examples of current world records in Sailplanes might be of interest to a few power pilots here:


Best free distance in an Ultralight Glider: 972.04 km


Best distance using up to 3 turn points : 2 129.9 km


Best speed over an out-and-return course of 1 000 km : 199.79 km/h


Regards Geoff



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Best free distance in an Ultralight Glider

Having been out of gliding for a few years, define what is an 'ultralight glider' and who administers them?

I've often toyed with the idea of building a small, light glider, something around the size of a Moyes Tempest, but most likely a flying wing of some type. ;)


I was hoping to not have to rejoin GFA, or HGFA, but register as a 95:10.


Where do we stand?





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G'day Arthur


All administered by the FAI Gliding (see www.fai.org/gliding ) but I don't know if this is a class here in the GFA, however I understand that there may be some who have chosen to put their Sailplanes thru the RAA. Chris Kien is a gliderphile anyway so should be able to tell you more.


I'm no expert on the FAI Regs, but there is a Microlift Class that is meant to just chase upward airmass movements, not thermals, with a MTOW of 220 kgs and max 18 kg/sq.m wing loading ... see the following link where there are some drawings, photos and Specs ... http://www.fai.org/gliding/documents/microlift.pdf


From the following excerpt from the FAI Rules it looks like Ultralight is the same MTOW without the limitation to wing loading ...




d. ULTRALIGHT a glider with a takeoff mass not xceeding 220 kg, and a MICROLIFT glider is an ULTRALIGHT glider with a wingloading not exceeding 18 kg/m2.


MICROLIFT gliders do not have separate world records.




Interesting, isn't it?


Good stuff doing over 970 kms in an all up 220 kg sailplane.


What do you reckon?


Hope this helps







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