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Zenair CH-701


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Welcome Ian P. Nope I'm not building yet but I've got a shortlist of a/c, one of which looks very similar to a CH701. Give us a bit of background please - do you have pilot certificate, how long you've been building, what stage is it at, & where in MEL do you live? Western Suburbs by any chance?


Regards, Decca.



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We have one almost ready to fly. It has been scratched built. I hope to be able to send for a kit for the second one. We have a few others in SQ and Northern NSW that have the CH 701. They are a good STOL plane (not to fast). Feel free to contact us with any further questions.



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Zenair 701


Hi Ianp.


I fly a Zenair 701,however I`m not the owner, the aircraft belongs to a Doctor friend of mine and it is based on my property and flown from my strip,he and his son were students of mine when I was running a flying school from here.


What would you like to know? I`ll try and help if I can.




farri. ;)



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