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Help find Steve Fossett with your computer


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From Avweb.




In case you haven't heard, there's a world-wide effort to find Steve Fossett, and you can help without leaving the comfort of your computer desk. Below is everything you need to know to be part of the largest search ever undertaken, thanks to an amazing system called the Mechanical Turk that was developed by Amazon.com and uses satellite imagery supplied by DigitalGlobe to Google Earth.


Follow the links to review new satellite imagery of the search area and instructions on how to possibly spot Fossett's plane. You can also look for a straight scrape in the ground, or maybe some letters created out of rocks or other material that someone on the ground might try to use as a signal. Use your imagination, and don't be shy about sounding the alert.


Good hunting, and thanks from everyone at AVweb.




Go here to help











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Guest Flyer40

Forget Google earth, this works through a site called Amazon Mechanical Turk where participants are provided sections of recent satellite images taken this week to review and if anything resembling an aircraft or wreckage is seen you flag it for further attention.


You can integrate the search with Google earth but it's not necessary.


Just follow the link above.


I did my good deed for the day and reviewed about 110 images.



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Guest Flyer40

Just to clarify, the Steve Fossett search does NOT use Google earth, it uses satellite images that were taken over the last few days.



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Guest Fred Bear

This was also posted on the weekend at this thread:




Google Earth images have nothing to do with the fresh images you use on this Amazon search site. It's all 100% legit too. Check out Steve Fossetts own site:




Every little bit helps. The search is going into a week now.



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Good on you Darren, your hearts in the right place mate, and thats what counts.


I have Google Earth images which clearly show my boat in the driveway of the house where i'm living ,and i've only been here for a few months. Don't know how often they update, or, which areas, but it has to happen some time.


If the people who seem to give the impression that we might be wasting our time were in the same same situation as Steve, I wonder whether they'd prefer us to care and do what we can, or simply give up.


Maybe we should ask the guys that were burried in the mine in Tassie what they would do?







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