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  1. Just noticed one of the incident reports quoted earlier in this thread. My club sold this Foxbat to its current owner about 13 months ago. This aircraft was fitted with the Rotax 912 fuel injected engine when we sold it and had 993 hours to run. I can only presume the same engine was still fitted when it crashed seeing as a fuel tap was mentioned in the report. I was the one that went and picked it up from Natfly Temora 2013 after its static display duties were done. The dealer (who is a thoroughly good bloke) warned me about the fuel system with that engine. He said two things that were "very
  2. Win local news just said there were 2 wreckage sites 200m apart. Sad and scary!
  3. Righto, here we go Turboplanner. I got booted off here 3 or 4 years back for arguing the reliability of Jabiru Engine through bolts and general reliability etc with you and somebody called Captian something (knobjockey perhaps, I'm not sure) . I've never posted anything again until the other day to answer a question for a bloke . If you are the best thing this forum can produce, then maybe you should take a few years off. See Ya down the track.
  4. G'day Matty. The rego on that C185 is KPF. Although I've never piloted it, I hold the endorsements to fly it and have leapt out of it many many times. Funny co-incidence is that it's for sale on eBay at the moment.
  5. I am 100% sure of the aircraft details as I've seen it and it's pilot many times over the years. This "Cessna" is a PA-28-180.
  6. The front one that failed had been straightened (possibly more than once). Good to see you got new ones made Pud. Cheers.
  7. Well you've got me out of the woodwork. [removed]. My point about the government is that they have done all they can to screw every wheat farmer in Australia by dismantling our export single desk (AWB) for doing what everyone else was doing in Iraq anyway. Now there are a couple of dozen export agencies all trying to undercut each other....marvelous. Our returns now are the same as the 70's yet fertiliser, fuel & machinery prices have climbed up to ten fold. If crops can be grown to provide fuel it is a good thing as they are renewable and can be used in Australia not exported for minimal
  8. I'm not sure about the whole tower idea. It was very difficult to get a word in at all around 10.30 Friday morning. If there was a tower involved there would be twice as much chatter. I couldn't make a joining downwind call until I already had joined and been cutoff by a Jabiru that came from the southwest. Somebody told her she had cut 2 aircraft off after she made a turning downwind call. She then flew a circuit that nearly went to West Wyalong. I have flown into controlled airspace many times (in GA aircraft) and feel very comfortable doing so but I don't think Natfly is the place for it. T
  9. Yeah I saw part of the display. I also saw more than one CASA employee walking around so I would guess they saw it too.
  10. Mate you can find her name in the Savannah down near Kilcoy thread. Post # 14
  11. Every time I've been asked for insurance purposes it has been total time.
  12. Winsor68, Ha Ha good point. I haven't flown it yet but I've been told it will have 10-15kt on the Thruster. It's a great looking aircraft and gets plenty of attention wherever it goes.
  13. Yeah I think so. I've got the opportunity to fly a 1944 Piper Cub to Natfly. The owner will be my passenger so it's up to him what time we depart. We will also be following a 1 place Thruster which has to stop at West Wyalong for a refuel from our groundcrew/swagcarriers. We will aim to catch him just before Temora and fly with him and mention his presence as he has no radio. I will talk to them tomorrow and let you know.
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