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Buzzed Bushpilot's strip


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It was a good day for flying in the Blue Mountains yesterday afternoon, so I drove out to YKAT (Katoomba), fuelled up Jabiru 935 and sorted myself out for a nice afternoon airborne.


While planning my flight I remembered that a fellow forums member, Bushpilot, lives, and has his own strip, about 9nm NW of Oberon. And I thought it would be a good exercise to find it, and maybe drop in for a visit.


As Aussie Steve, another forums member here, was also at YKAT at the time, actually tidying up the runway, I thought he might like to join me, as we had previously mentioned we should go and find Bushpilots strip sometime.


So I knocked up a flight plan – all maps and prayer wheels – no GPS for us tough nuts at YKAT.


We took off 06, and as YKAT is very close to the APEC R903 zone, we rolled left for a left hand circuit (it’s usually right hand circuits on 06).


About 23 minutes into the flight (3.25pm’ish), after a little searching, we found Bushpilots strip, with a very clearly visible white windsock showing healthy wind right down his strip.


So I circled a bit, did a prec search, noticed that the strip was clear, and that the wind was straight down his strip, but wasn't game enough to drop in for a visit, as I wasn't sure if we'd get out, as the large clump of rocky hill behind his place put me off


As I was doing the flying, Steve was the designated photographer, but completely forgot to take a photo of your strip! Oh well. There’s always next time.


Not to waste the journey, I diverted over to YBTH (Bathurst), landing 26. Parked at the terminal, and Steve and I wandered over to the far side of the hangers to have a look at two new hangers a mate of ours, Doug, has just built. Doug is still waiting on Council to lay the taxi-way, but hopes the work to be finished by the end of September.


After a few photo opportunities, we hopped back in the Jab, taxied to 35, and took off for YKAT. Overflying YKAT, we found that the wind was still 06, so joined downwind, and landed with much aplomb.


Total flying time 1.5hrs.


I’m hoping to have the photos of the trip online later tonight, so check back then.


See ya,




(aka James)



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Hi zedman, sounds like a perfect way to spend a nice afternoon, while others are working their guts out:crying:.


No APEC F111 escorts this week either, to help you find the strip. You did well!!


Sunday afternoon I was at a BBQ near Bankstown Airpot and after the F111 escorted that Cessna 337 in, the sound was almost ear-splitting when he cranked on the power on departure. If the "greenies" had their way, they'd probably insist he pay a visit to Muffler Mart, or fit a nice quiet Rotax, but the rate of climb might suffer a bit.







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Ive already exchanged PMs with Zedman on this one.... I was away in Victoria that day - so missed them. But others at home reported our place being 'buzzed'..


Ive extended an invitation to them to try again - with detailed approach instructions so they can get in safely - and have a scone and tea...







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You know you guys are very welcome to drop in to YKAT if your looking for an excuse to fly anywhere !


I,ve put in a huge effort grooming the strip for those who aren`t used to dirt.


Graded and rolled.


Its in very good nick at the moment, and is not to far away for some of you.


Ten bucks landing fee wont break your bank, and you can drink as much tea & coffee as you want. Dont be strangers 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif



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Hey Bushpilot, send me the same instructions and Ill wizz over from Bathurst.Regards,


Phil C

Phil and Sam and ............,


Well my strip is definitely a case of "flyer beware" - a reccie B 4 put-down is needed..


* Our farm is at the SE end of the O'Connell Valley that starts near Bathurst and runs SE for about 15 kms - ending at our back boundary.


* Also on that boundary is a semi-circular ridge that rises to 300' to 500' AGL along its 1 NM length.


* My strip runs NW to SE, uphill toward the SE - is 700m long, mown grass - avoid the ground-under-repair side which has a white sandy appearance. The SE end is about 500m from the foot of the ridge.


* Prevailing wind is from the NW - and the valley modifies winds from the W and N to create a NW - which is straight on the strip. But beware of SE winds - with a rotor affect on our side of the ridge.


* So - approach options are:


  1. From the NW - Straight in with no clearance problems - uphill landing - often with a bit of tail - 1m wire fence just before threshold - no real go-around options once below 100'.
  2. From the SE - do a base leg from the SW or NE - following the ridge line at about 400' AGL (ie 400' above the ridge base) - then turn onto final about 500m out from SE end of strip - approach over gum trees and down-hill landing - good go-around option.


* Best to call ahead for wind check - farm number is 63375008.


Look forward to seeing those of you that are OK with relatively STOL; Gazelle and Jabirus have been in and out OK.. and usually approach from the NW, even with some tail - I'm guessing up to about 10kts.






Chris & Julie





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