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Aeropup Costings

Guest Bendorn

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What sort of $$$$ would I be looking at for an Aeropup if I ......


a.) Build my own?


b.) Bought one secondhand?


Rotax v Jabaru engine???





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Guest The Bushman

Hi As builder of 3 Supa-Aero-Pups the Supa-Pup costs 41,000 The Aero-pup 51,000


These are fully equipted with all gauges Electric Flaps Jab 2.2 engine,Micro Air radios Nav lights Strobes Etc Etc and by the way the Supa-Pup 19.3680 is for sale and also is the Aero-pup 19.4428


The Bushman



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SupaPup Mk2 manual


Hi The Bushman,


I plan to restore (recover and repower) a Mk2. However, I can't lay my hands on a manual for this type and spec. Any ideas?


Cheers Bald Eagle:big_grin:



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Guest geoffrey wood

HI,I,ve just joined forum. I have built a supapup 4 and would recommend covering with stitts.Do not recommend the 2 pack paint. Aviaquip have a fill instructions how to ust stitts and a video was available when I built about 5 yrs ago. Any more help just ask. VH-DZZ



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Hi Bendorn


Steve Donalds Aeropup is for sale and it is immaculate. He is a LAME for one of the major airlines and is a master craftsman it would be the best Aeropup in Australia. His nick on here is Ducksrus. It is advertised in the latest RAA mag and is 19-5206. he has $59000 on it and would be a outstanding buy. it has a Jab engine in it 85HP it is located at Caboolture. It is a beautiful aircraft. If you cant find it PM me and I will send you his phone number





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