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Echuca accommodation


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Hi All


The committee at Echuca is meeting tomorrow night so I am presuming the Great Southern Flyin will get rubber stamped and then it will be all go.


One thing I have found out is that over the Melb Cup day weekend they have their own horse racing event there in Echuca so accommodation may be scarce so for those that prefer not to camp under the wing may I suggest you start having a look at what may be available there as soon as possible!


BigPete - can you make any suggestions?



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G'day Ian,


just got back from the Echuca Aero Club meeting. They are very keen to help out and make this a very memorable event. 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif


Everyone was very enthusiastic. We have a small core of Recreational members within the ranks of GA guys. :big_grin:


As far as accommodation goes, it's probably best to get in as quick as you can. Just google "Echuca Accommodation" will get yu plenty of hits.... ;)


Or sleep under the stars with your favourite girl........ (Miss Jabby 2006) :;)7:


I assume that Rod will call or email you soon Ian. ;)





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That's great news Pete - so it's all go for the Great Southern Recreational Flying Flyin at Echuca on the Melbourne Cup Day weekend Saturday to Tuesday the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th of November.


Start planning now and let as many people know about it as you can!!!



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G'Day Mick,


Try www.echucaaccommodation.com.au ;)


at least they're local booking agents, with a finger on the pulse so to speak. :;)4:


It all depends on how much you want to pay and whether you want your own bathroom etc etc. :big_grin:


The airport is not far out of town, about 4 km on the Kyabram road. keen.gif.9802fd8e381488e125cd8e26767cabb8.gif





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Guest S Ross

I'm just reading about your proposed Echuca fly-in. It's a great destination. I joined the Royal Vic Aero club fly-in to Echuca in July and 65 of us had a top weekend. There's a full story on it in Nov issue of Flying, due out about 20 Oct. Lunch and a tour of the Great Aussie Beer Shed (very near the airport) was a hit with the blokes, as was the trip up the Murray that night on the paddlesteamer to Morrisons Winery for dinner. Port District great atmosphere for drinks Sat arvo with locals at one of several terrific pubs. Enjoy.



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