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Hello from Albany

Guest billw

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Hi Everyone,


Ive been lurking down here at Albany for a few weeks and I have to say this is the most vibrant and positive forum Ive seen.


Ive had trouble maintaining currency since my kids came along (11 years ago), but I can at least still feel a part of the aviation community here while I try and scheme my way back into the air.


Glad I found you


Bill Waideman



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Hi Bill,


Welcome!!The more time you spend here the more you'll enjoy it.


It's a great community here, and even if you are not currently flying (like me). If you have aircraft running through the bloodstream, it's something that never seems to go away. but you can still derive one hell of a lot of pleasure from just being involved until you (make that we) have that pleasure of shouting "clear prop" again.







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Hi Bill


good to see you along, is there much aviation activity around where you live?


Dropped into a flyin at Moonta SA (Yorke Peninsular) on the way home yesterday, got a hamburger and a cup of tea, and kept on coming.


Safe Skies


Cheers Guy



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In the Blood


Thanks for the welcome


I was an airport kid growing up here in Albany, cycling arround to the hangers to wash aircraft and work on them and cadging rides when I could, so aviation is in my blood.


In reply to you Guy there is a lot of recreational aviation activity down here (seems like the Vans RV capital of Australia sometimes) but its all a lot harder to access since the big chain link fence and electronic gate were installed. Theres good people here behind the fence, but even an ASIC card wont get you past the airport groundsman/manager if you dont own an aircraft or have a specific appointment to meet someone. Sad but true!


Im planning on flattening the paddock across from my shed and bringing a light two seater in here when I can swing it. A long term plan that gets a little bit closer every day.







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