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Hi All


My brother turned 50 the other day so I want to shout him to a TIF - he is based on the Gold Coast so does anyone have any suggestions on who I could contact to organise this - no more then $100 - thanks



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G'day Ian,


Garry Sweetnam is based at Coolangatta and has a Zenith Zodiac XL. He is also the Zenith company east coast rep. The aircraft is VH registered as Coolangatta is controlled airspace but I've been down to see him and have had a fly in the XL. Not sure what he charges but a flight up the beach to Southport and back will certainly impress your brother.


Garry had the XL down at Narromine at Easter.


Garry's contact details :-


Mobile 0409 939 007 or


via email at [email protected]



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