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G'day all. Just landed, at what I think is the best site, since sliced bread. Discovered this site by sheer accident whilst browsing the internet. Found it very interesting and informative. The wife and myself own a Thruster T500, and also operate a Gazelle, which I flew back from the eastern states to WA. If, I would have discovered this website before my flight, it would most definitely have been a more interesting flight, and, endless opportunities, for discoveries with newly found friends. It is also good to discover that this site covers a vast network of information and tips. Thank you Ian for the opportunity to join a group of aviators from all over.




Frances & Steve :)



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Hi Ian.


Thank you again, for your welcoming words. And yes the article you referred to was about my cross country flight experience. And with your permission I would like to submit it to your website and let all your members enjoy the experience with me via your website.







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