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Today at Tulla


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The wind out here at Tullamarine is blowing a real gale with trees around me crashing to the ground - some how me thinks there is only 1 runway in use here at the moment and there seems to be a couple of go arounds happening as there are some strange flight plans being invoked when I look up



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Was this when the 40Kt front hit on Sunday?


I could see this roll cloud from north to south horizon and a whole heap of YUK (new tech term) attached and thought it best to be undercover when that arrived.


Sure enough, at about 5pm Echuca time, it hit, and brought an old willow down in the driveway of the farm.


Watching from the kitchen, the rain was horozontal..:;)3:


A check of the BoM later showed 50kt winds at Shepp...





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Ben, no not on Sunday, it is happening now and since about 8:45am today Wednesday 19th Sept - the observations are only showing 34 knots but I would guess it is a lot more then that - starting to calm down a bit now at 26am



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