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Fuel & Rotax 912 ULS

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I would very interested to hear what others have experienced as far as using various fuel types in the Rotax engines, particularly the 912 ULS which is the one I have in my CTsw.


Over here in WA it is not possible to buy 100LL Avgas however most airports have Avgas 100 (green) available.


Apart from the initial fill (avgas), I have been using Caltex Vortex Premium unleaded or BP 98 RON (I think they call it "Ultimate").


I understand that the leaded avgas 100 could cause plug fowling and added engine wear, so I intend avoiding it wherever possible, however I wouldappreciate any feedback on what others experiences have been. I assume thespecifications of the fuel would be consistent (?)from state to state, even though the fuelcomes from different refineries.


For example has anybody had any problems with 'vapour lock' using certain types of mogas? Do consumption rates vary using different types of fuel etc.


Thanks in advance.





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I use the same two - Ultimate usually.


Personally I avoid Shell Optimax - besides hearing about problems with seals (which I have never encountered), don' like the dye used in it when it vents and turns my white wing yellow.


When you do your 100hrly drain out the oil sump and compare it to one that uses AVGAS - the deposits left by the lead are significant.


As far as consumption goes, couldn't say.



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leaded avgas 100 could cause plug fowling

I did hear somewhere once that 100LL has more lead than the old Super mogas used to have. :confused:

Used to be that country mogas had higher lead than city fuel, and it's still hard to get some of the 'High' premiums outside the metro area.





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