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Tooradin Training?

Guest aaronb

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Guest aaronb

Hey Guys,


Thinking of training at tooradin, just wandering if anyone lives in melbounre and Trains \ Hires Any of there planes? just wandering the aproxx travel time to tooradin from melb?


thanks guys



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Guest Guest

Ask Ken DeVos for an unbiased view - he trained there and hires the aircraft regularly; J.D. also.


It's the biggest RA-Aus flying school in OZ. I'd say one of the best around for sure; potentially the best in Melb, depending on what you're looking for.


Travel time, approx 40 minutes from Warrigal Road on the south eastern.


PM me for more info and I'll give you my contact details.


There's a lot of info in their website www.tooradinflyingschool.com.au





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Guest aaronb

north eastern suburbs


point cook is about a 35\40 min drive


ballarat is about 1.5 hours


tooradin is just under 1 hour


sunbury is about 30 mins



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With the costs at Tooradin it looks a better choice - have you thought about doing 2 lessons in the one day making it even more economical per trip and try and do it weekly - it makes easier and stops the 2 steps forward and 1 step back syndrome.


Now the next things you need to consider (just in my opinion) is do a check on the weather over the last say 3 months and see how many days have had wind over 12 knots (12 is in my opinion the most you want to go in during basic ab-initio training till you have some experience) and pay them a visit and speak to their instructors - don't be scared to ask some silly questions just to see how they react and what answers you get - just some thoughts on how I would do it.



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Guest malarcon



I trained at Tooradin and the folks there were always really nice. The


training went really well and I had a very fun time.


I had rather lot of previous experience, although a while before, but


my first flight training was awfull (outside of Oz), I mean I loved the


flying but the people were terrible as they thought they were running a


military academy! I actually was cursed with 4-letter words by an


instructor and I was considered a good student and was there for the


love of it!!!!! My experience and my gaps were taken into acount at


YTDN very well and I always felt I was being challanged to improve my


skills but always enjoyed my lessons.


That said I can't compare it to any other school in the area.


I know they've changed CFI and there is always a personal taste element


in "feeling well" in any training. I'm living abroad but plan on a trip


to Australia soon and I'm definitely going to stop by YTDN again and


renew my license.



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