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Zenith zodiac 601xl kit


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I think the 601XL section is a good idea. Myself and two others have 3 kits arriving around the same time. (chewing my finger nails waiting) dollar hit $.93 today





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Thank you for your offer Flyer40 as I'm sure it would benefit both.Looking at the engine options I'll go with the Jab 3300 but I won't have to decide for a couple of years so there may be better option then.The only options I ordered were the Aileron Trim kit,Wing lockers,Wheel Fairings ,the Aileron piano wire hinges and two machine heads for the pneumatic rivet gun [as I already had one] Total $17,411.00 USD including crating of $535.00.The freight costs to OZ all up about $2400.00 ish AUD Cheers T87



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No there is a OZ agent in Coolangatta Airport QLD, Australian Wings Academy who have been very helpfull and the price one pays is what is on the Zenith USA site.They have just completed building a 601xl demo, which will do the air shows in the near future [it went to the Cowra show].Cheers T87



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Just a thought. It would be cheaper to order the FWF kit with the Aircraft kit to save on shipping and port charges.The Zenith FWF for the Jab 3300 seems a better kit then the OZ one. Cost around $4000.00 USD including:Firewall Side Mount Hardware




Engine Side Mount Hardware




Engine Mount




9" Spinner Assembly Kit




Sensenich ZK Series Prop Bolts




Sensenich Propeller




Oil Cooler Kit - J Style Mount




Oil Recovery System




Fuel System Firewall Forward




Carb Heat Filter Box Zenith




Carb Heat Components less airbox




Prop Extension 63mm




Battery Box Assembly




Zenith CH601 Cowl System




Single Friction Lock Throttle System




Choke Cable Components




Component Total




Complete Kit (all of above as a package)




Dual Friction Throttle (optional)




Cabin Heat System Zenith (optional)





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The total would be US$4000 converted to A$ = ~ $4400 plus GST = ~A$4850 plus shipping. Do you have a price for the locally supplied parts. I see that Jabiru have a Zodiac FWF kit specified on their web site.



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Jabiru FWF $3729 incl GST extras cabin heat $560.00 + dual throttles $250.00 Total $4539 incl.GST + freight? Zenith cowls fit better,engine mount fits better.NO fiberglass work needed on air scoops etc. Save about 200-300 hrs building/fitting/mucking around time if you get the Zenith USA kit



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Working on it.Seems there may be hiccups with Zenith with tying things together so everything arrives at the same time. Cheers [for the complete airframe kit it is 10% min deposit then on dispatch from Zenith 90% 3 months later, freight payment is when it arrives in OZ.FWF kit pay when you order,thats' what needs to be sorted]



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Selection criteria for Zodiac 601XL 1. I like metal [non-current LAME Engines/Airframes] 2. Price/Engine Choices 3. Cabin width 44†4. Useful payload /Range 5. Cruise speed above 110kts 6. LSA 600kg MTOW and new wing design 7. 1000+ flying 8. Looks /Design of structures 9. Removable wings[only if needed for transport] 10. The most important the wife let me buy it. These are most of the reasons and I haven’t come across anything negative yet but its’ still early days Cheers T87;)



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G’day Flyer,


I’m looking at the Zodiac for much the same reasons as T87. I started looking a couple of years ago and the Zodiac was one of the first I came across. I think I’ve looked at every kit on the web in the mean time and have come down to a choice of two. A Jabiru (170 or 230) or the Zodiac. My main reasons for the Zodiac are that it’s all metal and will be a reasonable challenge to build. (I also like doing 3000-5000 piece puzzles). For me it’s a pre/post retirement project. My criteria were :-


  • Should have good performance.
  • Price.
  • Should look good.
  • Should present some challenge to build. (I’d build an RV if it was light enough)
  • Should have wide cabin.
  • Fuel should be in the wings.


If anyone has any opinions on the Zodiac I'd really like to hear them before I go ahead and jump into the deep end.



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Congratulations Thruster.


I have been following this thread with particular interest. I must say this looks like a great little aircraft and I look forward to following yours and others build logs when you take delivery of your kits.


Just as an aside, did you consider Garry Morgan's Sierra 100 when you were looking at kits?







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thruster 87.


I was talking to Liezel at Sport Air today. She said that you ask about us. We have already built a CH 710 and will be starting on the (3) CH 601XL kits when they arrive early next year. If we can be of any assistance please feel free to contact us.


Towering Cu.


I looked at Garry Morgan's plane but decided on the CH 601XL for most of the same reasons that thruster 87 did. I do not like laying down to fly like in Garry's plane and the canopy was touching my head. not so in the CH 601XL plenty of head and shoulder room.





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[Just as an aside, did you consider Garry Morgan's Sierra 100 when you were looking at kits?] Yes, but its' not a proven design yet, not to say it won't handle the long haul but? I prefer the more traditional build methods and vital safety testing that has been done by Zenith. Cheers T87 [ I asked Liezel if anyone else had bought one near me in case we could save on freight]




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Guest Flyer40

The top of my shortlist at the moment is the Sportcruiser. I have read that it is an evolution of the Zodiac (the wing lockers are a clue). Did anyone consider this aircraft before choosing the Zodiac?


I've just heard from Air Noosa that they are importing RTF SportCruisers only, makes obtaining a kit a bit more challenging.



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My understanding is that Zenith and the Czech Aircraft Works parted company.The Czech version goes for around $92,000.00 factory built. At the end of the day you just have to bite the bullet and get one as new designs are coming out all the time. Cheers T87



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Latest Price for







The quote below is for a Lycoming Thunderbolt Signature Series O-235-EXP (N2C). The engine is equipped with a certified Precision Airmotive carburetor. The standard ignition system consists of your choice of (1) Slick impulse coupled or retard breaker magneto, (1) Slick standard magneto, sparkplug harness, and sparkplugs. The engine includes oil filter adapter, vacuum pump drive and mechanical tach drive. Engine accessories such as vacuum pump, starter, and alternator are not included. The pistons and connecting rods are match-weighted to within ½ gram. The engine will be comprised of 100% new parts and will be tested in our production test cells to the certified standard. The engine will be accompanied by a comprehensive 2 year/200 hour parts and labor warranty. Other options below.


Engine Model








USD $22,250.00




Oil System




Full-Flow Oil Filter Adapter




No Charge




Oil Screen and Housing Assembly




No Charge




Fuel Injection Systems




Airflow Performance Injection System




No Charge




Precision Silver Hawk Injection System




No Charge




Add Fuel Injection




Remove carb, add fuel injection.








Note: There is no charge for choice of fuel injection brands listed; $2K upcharge applies only to carbureted engines modified to fuel injected status. [Ex. "O-320" modified to "IO-320."]








Slick (1 L-Impulse 1 R-STD)




No Charge




Retard Mag (ea) Substitute for Impulse Mag




No Charge




2nd Impulse Mag (ea) Substitute for plain mag








Slick High Voltage Start Module (use w/Retard mag)








Delete one side of ignition system**








Delete entire ignition system**








Engine Color




Thunderbolt Titanium




No Charge




Gloss Black




No Charge




Two-tone Titanium/Gloss Black (Customer Favorite!)








Custom Color (most colors)








Two-tone custom colors (most colors)








Chrome (4 cylinder)




Rocker Box Covers








Intake Pipes








Push Rod Tubes








"Full Dresser" Chrome Kit (All of the above)








Build Enhancements




Fine-wire Champion Sparkplugs (4 cyl)








Port and Flow / Vol. Cylinder Matching (4 cyl)***








9.7:1 Compression Pistons (125 hp)








Christen Inverted Oil System (Except Hoses)











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Guest Baphomet



Following this thread, has anybody had a close look at the new RANS S-19? reputable company, excellent performance reasonable price. Perhaps it wasn't available when you all ordered your 601's?





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