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  1. Well done Mark. Good to see you're taking your time with a meticulous rebuild. I'm sure it will be very worthwhile in the end with the knowledge that there have been no shortcuts and a feeling of confidence and achievement when she is back in the air again. Look forward to seeing her again one day on my drive between the Sunny Coast and Brizzy Airport. Cheers, Mike.
  2. G'day Mark, Just wanted to add my congratulations to you for your great achievement. Well done on building your own aircraft and thank you for the great log and posts you've shared with us all for the past 2 years. The Savvy I know isn't everyones cup of tea, but it certainly has me won over. Look forward to visiting her in her new home sometime in the coming months when I can finally take a breather! Well done Mate, Mike.
  3. Congratulations on both of these great milestones Mark!! She looks an absolute beauty. Mike.
  4. Hey Mark! Congrats on your most recent solo!! Can't wait to see your Savvy finished and flying. Will have to try and stop in again soon but 3/4 of the way through my Airbus training at the moment. Ahhh, the French!! (secretly loving it ssshhhh) All the best, Mike.
  5. Congratulations Neil on the arrival of "Jaffa"! Looks great. Will have to stop by soon and see her in the flesh. Regards, Mike.
  6. Congrats on the first engine run Mark!!! Not long now.
  7. Hi Mark, I leave Hong Kong this evening and will get back to Brisbane (via Melbourne!) around lunch time tomorrow. I have your mobile from a much earlier post, and will give you a call when I get to Brissy airport before my run home up the Bruce and see if a drop in on you and your Savvy is OK. Thanks for the most recent update. Is that problem with the cowl and the muffler clearance a problem with all of the Savvys? Mike.
  8. Hi Mark. WOW!! Really starting to come along now. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy working schedule to make the post and show the pics. Made for a great start to my morning here in London before I go down and have my breakky. Its definately starting to look like you're in the final straight and I hope you get to keep on top of it for first flight this year. Well done and again, thanks for posting. All the best, Mike.
  9. Hi Mark. I need my next installment of Savvy building fix please!!! Hope all is going well now that the engine is mounted. Still look forward to meeting you and your Savvy soon, hopefully before she is completed. Cheers, Mike.
  10. Hi 80kts, The Sky Maxx looks interesting and also very familiar. Has its design morphed into the Colyaer range of aircraft? What do you think??
  11. Congratulations on the order of your Savvy Neil (and obviously the sale of the J120!). Look forward to seeing it in the flesh over the new year. Particularly look forward to seeing Mark's Savvy build soon too. Holidays just started now, and after taking the kids away to Bali next week, hope to start meeting some of the many Savvy builders/owners we seem to be fortunate to have on the Sunshine Coast. Cheers all, Mike.
  12. Hey Gundy, Thanks for taking the time to reply. I can only echo the comments of others in that your Savvy looks excellent!! Very similar to what I believe I would like to do if I ever stop procrastinating! I see you have offset your Skyview to the central position of the dash. Was this just to make it look more symmetrical, or are there plumbing issues behind the dash? Is that a Cummins spinner you have added as well? Would also love to have a crawl over it at some stage should you find yourself visiting the Sunshine Coast region. Enjoy flying the hours off it, and look forward to hearin
  13. Done also Motz. At least it looks like you currently have Council support and this should make it easier. A petition is always a great thing to start with, and I hope that despite most of us not being in the area, that pure weight of numbers helps. These things can go your way. We went through this with Caloundra Airport over the last few years with it finally being saved from the developers late last year. Good luck!!!!
  14. Towering Cu

    Savannah S

    Hi Neil. Will your Savvy be based at Caboolture and will it be used for training and hire, or private use only? Do you have to wait long for it to arrive? Cheers, Mike.
  15. Thanks for the info eightyknots..
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