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Waiting for weather...

Ben Longden

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Its a Bushby Mustang 2, made as a kit by Mustang Aeronautics in the US.


It has the same wing shape and empennage as the Originals, but it has a two seat, side by side cockpit. Up front there is an O320, 150 Hp Lycoming.


This one is VH registered and is night VFR capable....




Info; http://www.mustangaero.com/Mustang%20II/MustangII.html



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Ben showed me the video while staying with him for the duration of the fly-in Ross. It lasts 30secs (the tribute is to his father actually, but I'll leave that for Ben) - I could not have emotionally lasted another 30secs. Ben also has a remarkable glass enclosed memorial to his father - model of the Wellington he flew in, war medals, service pay book etc. I took a photo of it but can't find the camera now.


Regards, Decca.



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