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Hello All


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I wonder how many people have tried www.recreationalflying.com and then given up?? I wish I had found this site months ago. Maybe then I could have


recieved comments on what was a standard response to the ADS-B form.


I replied 'not under any circumstance' to the mid-2014 changes but had no


opinion to anything else. Hope this helped not hindered.


Anyway, I'm here now and eagerly reading the Microlight section as I fly an


old Edge.





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Hi Allowera


Welcome to the forums - you will find a friendly lot here and very eager to help.


Feel free to join in and discuss anything you like about your trike flying.



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Guest Old Triker

Hi Allowera,


Glad to hear that someone else is still flying an Edge. Have you done any mods or upgrades on yours? I'm in a similar machine and quite happy with it. Hows the flying down south?


Regards, OT



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Dear OT,


My Edge is still pretty much standard, Grey top 582, no front suspension and 'Fred Flintstone' Brakes. I was saddened to find out recently that a Cruze wing will not fit our Bases. I know [as you do] the advantages of a good intermediate wing. Knowing that my Edge wing probably won't pass Bettsometer next time, I am left with the old question " 2b or not 2b". Operating out of a home paddock with only local work I am leaning toward a Wizard.


No flying lately due to winds and work commitments, but this weekend looks promising.


Dear HPD,


I hope the fireworks occur above 5000ft.


Being in a tiny open cocpit at 6600ft with scattered cloud below between 2-3000ft is a cherished experience not to be given up lightly.


Dear All,


Hatches, Latches, Socks and Clocks!


All the best, Allowera.



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Guest Old Triker

Hi Allowera,


Thanks for the reply. My Edge has had a few mods by previous owner and a few by me. I purchased it with the gearbox having been changed to a "C" type with electric start and a new wizard wing (50 hrs only) so I am guessing that the previous owner was experiencing the same thinking you are atm. Will I or won't I ?


I have updated the radiator to a twin type as in the edgeX because i was finding the engine run ning a little hot when operating at high ambient temps ie warm enough to fly in a t shirt. Had some "difficult to start probs" in the early days too (poor spark) and it turned out to be something to do with the stator coil assembly. I changed the assembly and have had no problems since. Funny thing it (the coils, I mean) measured ok dc wise when compared to the new one and the specs published in the rotax manual. Any how all is good now and I try to fly each weekend - weather and family committments dependent.


I also fly from a farm paddock and for the local jaunts that i take find the wizard ok. I must admit that a few weeks ago i took a flight down over the lower reaches of the Colo River and into a strong headwind. When I decided that I had had enough battling the elements I turned for home and my GPS was reading 65 kts over the ground. In a brief moment of weakness I whispered to myself "S..t, it would be nice to have a 912"


Safe flying , OT.



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