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Aircraft plywood

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Hi All


Looking for some advise


Instead of using GL1 ply on the wing spar of the aircraft I am building (Asso V)


I am considering using marine grade Hoop Pine ply mainly because I can buy 8X4 ft sheets. As I have to fit the ply with grain direction of 45deg to the length of the spar. With 4ft X 4ft Finish birch ply I would have I lot of spliced joins.


Looking for advise on what to do is the hoop pine ply weaker or stronger than birch ply???


Cheers All



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A good grade of marine ply is as good as a good grade of birch ply. The most important thing to remember is that you must use the same number of plies as indicated on your plan, ie if the plan says 5-ply birch, you couls use good quality 5-ply hoop pine.


Old Man Emu



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