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G'day and welcome Laidlow8. Can't help you with 'getting more of it' but can certainly encourage you and, along with more experienced people, advise you on where to go, or what to do, next.


Glad you've come to fly with us,



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Welcome Laidlow8.


How is the big city of Collinsville nowadays. I worked there in the 60s' Built two chimneys at the power station and have only been back once since then. I found that they had re opened the Bowen River pub and it was just a bottle tip when I knew it. I used th get a plane flown in from Mackay and do an hours training for $11. Those were the days.



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Welcome to the forums Steve. I see you're also flying out of Innisfail, maybe we might catch up some time? I usually fly on a Tuesday morning. I'm curious why you're flying from Innisfail when you live in Collinsville? Maybe I have the wrong Collinsville. You'll find plenty of encouragement and support from the members of this forum. Enjoy your flying.




Mathew, Cairns



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