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Ultralight crashes near Burnie - The Mercury

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Some information via Michael Coates, Xair Agent


Hey all


Bit shocking to see what happened.


As stated above, a number of news sources said a wing had "apparently" fallen off, but the pics show both attached, so the media are taking their poetic license to high levels, as usual.


Michael Coates, the Australian Xair agent, forwarded the following to members of the Xair forum earlier, but I don't think he'll mind if it's reposted here, so the facts known to date are kept accurate.


Just a real tragedy...




Hello X-Air group, it is with much regret that I need to inform you of a double fatality today in Australia involving an X-Air Hanuman.


The accident happened around 11:30 a.m. today in the northern parts of Tasmania and whilst it is too early to give you factual investigation information it appears to have been the result of a stall following an engine failure after take-off. (Information gained from people at the accident site)


Contrary to media reports the left wing did not fall off the aircraft prior to the accident because it is still attached to the airframe as are the wing struts are still in position although bent.


The propeller can be seen in two photographs with at least one blade unbroken which generally means the engine was not running at the time of impact.


Please keep comments of this accident to the actual facts and I am bringing it to your attention because of media reports saying that the wing fell off the aircraft in flight, which is incorrect.


Like all of the members of this group I will pass on my condolences to the families on your behalf.


Kind regards Michael Coates X-Air Australia



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Looks a lot like a stall and nose in to me, just like the C172 in the NT the other day.


Has been a bad week for light flying with the one in Victoria also.


We all need to be careful with what we do to minimise our risks, particularly at take off. This months RAA mag makes mention of a thorough take off safety brief.





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Condolences to the Families affected.


Not what any of us want to see at the moment, or ever for that matter.


I'm with J430. Proper safety brief on what you will do following an EFATO and stick to it.







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