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Hi guys..I flew a drifter once when i was pre solo stage of attempt no 1 to get my licence..I have to say, it was an absolute blast..True minimmum flying but the aircraft seemed to have outstanding performance..IT seemed to climb like an f/18..I am seriously considering buying one.. I flew a thruster a few times but wasn't overly fussed on them..


*What is the normal climb rate 2 up in a 512 ?? was i imagining the awesome ROC?


* How easily do they trailer? i mean, can u fold them back and cart them around??


* How do they handle turbulance?


* Can they handle 3 poinets? or do u wheel them on?


Any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated...


cheers guys



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Guest High Plains Drifter



Climb rate - dont take much notice. Air temp and weight do make a difference.


Bit involved to trailer a Drifter - several hours and a couple of people needed to remove and fold the wings with a high possibilitie of damage.


Ive flown both the Struter and wire braced in heavy turbulance with no problems.


You can wheel or three point depending how you feel.





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Drifter features.


How well it climbs depends on the engine/propellor combination and what condition the skins are in, how hot it is, and your load.


The view is magic. It's a pusher. You have to be extremely carefull not to have any objects go through the prop.(very important) The wire-braced version has more drag, than the Strut braced, but is considered to be stronger. IF you do a heavy landing, the undercarriage will let everyone know, as it bends easily, unlike the thruster, which is quite robust in that respect. Nev..



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Hi motzart,


Drifters are definitely not trailerable as they were never designed to be. The skins on the main wing are all one piece so the whole wing has to be folded like a book and can cause damage during transit. I understand that the new Drifters have a two piece wing cover so this would make it marginally better. The usual story is if you are trailering a Drifter then you have had a prang.


Climb rate on a good day can be quite spectacular as is the case with most rag wing types. On a hot day you might get a very close view of the trees surrounding the airfield so be warned! I always teach students to keep the take off safety speed up to 60 knots below 200', yes, a lot higher than the book speed but more controllable if the engine quits! I cringe every time that I see a high attitude, low speed take off and wonder who taught the pilot to drive like that.


Drifters handle turbulence much the same as any other low wing loaded aircraft but are very strong and capable. You may find it better to fly with the turbulence rather than through it. The best way to land a Drifter is three point on a low speed, low energy landing but if you want to fly something like a Thruster then practice wheelers.


Drifters are easy to fly, easy to own and you will enjoy the time spent in them.





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