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Read me about "Incidents/Accidents"

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This is an opportunity for everyone to learn how to stay safe. PLEASE post anything regarding any incidents or accidents that you may have experienced here. This area is the only place in the forum where you can do so. If you wish to post an accident or incident totally anonymously, then please send your post to site admin by using the "Contact Us" function of the site and it will be posted by Admin, no one will know who posted it and you never know you might save a life


Please note:


  1. Accidents and Incidents posts are to be made with consideration to them being a learning tool for the betterment of all forum members
  2. No conclusions shall be made on the cause of any accident.
  3. No allocation of personal blame shall be made directly or indirectly at any person.
  4. Possible causes, or contributory factors, of an accident may be explored and opinion given based on the poster’s demonstrated reasons for giving such opinion.
  5. All posts shall be sensible of the feelings of family and friends and expressed accordingly.
  6. Strict moderation will be applied to all posts to ensure these rules are adhered to.





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