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No sense of humor.


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This morning I woke up in hospital with a shocking headache and my head heavilly badaged.


Last night my wife and I had just finished watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and decided to turn in for an early night. While we’re laying in bed. I looked over at her and, in my sexiest voice, asked her "Wanna have make love?"


"No." She answered.


I said, "Is that your final answer?"


"Yes." She replied.


So I said, "I’d like to phone a friend."


That’s the last thing I remember… 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif051_crying.gif.edc6b33a234e272ee13f0ec0ae40b12a.gif051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif



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