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specilriders involvment clarification

Guest specialrider

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Guest specialrider

Dear reader, we want specify that everything that round around "MILLENNIUM MASTER PROJECT" is owned only by mister Curzio Fantoni and his brand"COMPACT COMPOSITI".


NAAP SPECIALRIDERS don't have signed contract or paper in any sorta way.


between us and COMPACT COMPOSITI there is only some kind of friendly agreement to give our help with some hardware and experience in particular fields.


NAAP AND SPECIALRIDERS can't give any information or advertissment about MILLENNIUM MASTER A/C" that is exclusive of producer COMPACT COMPOSITI.


Repeat, for further information about development of this awesome a/c please contact the only owner and producer mr. Curzio Fantoni "COMPACT COMPOSITI"


we sorry about some kind of confusion on this item but everything would done with no second target or pubblicity.


We do not sell or commercialize anything at all, actually.


best regards


Marzi Roberto



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Great to hear Marzi - Curzio and Luisa are fantastic people that are so very much dedicated to their incredible aircraft.


Luisa was telling me that Curzio built his first wing many years ago by using the skins off umbrellas - this started his life in aviation.



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