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The Brown 1 (George Brown)

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Guest The Brown 1

What a great site to share yarns about things aeronautical.


Name is George Brown and I am currently flying a mates Jab J230 out of Whyalla SA. Worked with Ron Dunns Spencer Gulf Sport Aviation for 13 years. Ron taught me to fly and instruct. The last couple of years I have been privileged to be working with Pirie Aviation with Neil Baker as CFI. Flying less these days but havent lost the love of it. Look forward to making further contacts on this site. I, like the just departed George Brown, am a Sandgroper originally. My condolences to George`s family on the tragic occasion of his passing.018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif



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Welcome George


Good to see some more from this region cottoning onto this great site, Great to catch up in Pirie on Saturday. I can't believe the boy's I went with, went so they could get some KFC, sad state of affairs!


The J230 looks great, our boys have gone to get ours, however they are stuck in Bundy due weather.




Cheers Guy



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Hi George,


Welcome to the forum.;)


As the Captain mentioned, a bit spooky given the recent events with our mate Browng. :;)2:


dont let that bother you though....:)







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