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Pocket FMS alternative


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In response to my enquiry I received the following answer from Approach Systems.




We do offer coverage of Australia. You can download the data at www.approach-systems.com/intl_data.asp. If you have any other questions or comments, please let me know. Thanks!




Rob Moncur


APIC Sales/Support


[email protected]



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There is a very cheap interface with OziExplorer. Get onto UltraNav to do your flightplanning, export to OziExplorer, UltraNav already is compatible with Ozi. Ozi is extremely useful if you have the 1:250000 AusLig maps. The maps are downloadable to a PDA if you have the PDA program for Ozi but will only be trip specific for the maps.


GPS and a TabletPC and you have an outstanding moving map display. Add 3D view and Satellite images and you are showing a very strong navigation device for light GA or RAA use.


Personally, I use PocketFMS in my GPS PDA. My Magellin Explorist(route downloaded across from UltraNav) as a backup and trip logger and my TabletPC as a GPS moving map. Also have Command for my GA flightplanning. Goes great as a paperless cockpit for downloading the weather and uploading my plans to NAIPS.


In defence of PocketFMS, I have found them to be faster than either Jepp or AirNoServices for data updates and the relative height interface is quite exceptional. I already had my GPS PDA phone so it was easy to get into the subscription service as a donor. The way I see it ,PFMS is every bit as good as the the Garmin Q and when you compare $1300 pricetag and the Jepp subscription for a VFR only device and that 75Euro a year looks pretty good.


Back to the original question- OziExplorer plus PDA 1:250000AusLig maps and UltraNav all on a Tablet PC or GPS PDA will be quite effective for minimal software costs.:thumb_up:



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Is it the free Approach Australia data that is 18 months out of date or the data you subscribe to ?


At first glance Approach Sytems looks interesting with their artificial horizon driven by your GPS - as a back up of course. I understand changes are behind the actual by up to 1 second. Any comment the experience of using artificial horizon driven by GPS would be appreciated.


Blue skies





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Guest ultrabaz



Hi all - I have on my PDA Ozi Explorer, Pocket FMS and the Approach Systems. I use them all and at the bottom of this list is Ozi Explorer. The other 2 are very good and give excellent results. The artificial horizon from Approach is very good and it does work! As the approach is at this stage free - what do you have to loose by giving it a go? Pocket FMS is excellent but does cost so it is your choice, depending on the use you want to put the system to.





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