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Guest Baphomet

There is a Sportstar hangared at the field I fly out of, owned by a gent who can't fly. I am endorsed to fly it, but do so infrequently because I can't see any good reason to spend $100 hr to fly it locally when I can jump in my Bantam and fly for almost nothing. Yesterday the owner rings my instructor (owner of the field) and asks him to fly him up to Bundaberg for a business trip. I can't go, says the instructor, but I know someone who can....


So the long and short of it is I had a fantastic trip to Bundy, the odd route adjustment to avoid rain showers, up the inland way via Kilcoy and Gympie and back coastal via Hervey Bay, Fraser Island, Caboolture. Had the pax helping with the Nav looking up charts, ERSA etc for radio freq etc. Despite the fact it was at times moderately turbulent, he had a great time, in fact I think I'm going to give him the native American name of 'Dog with two dicks' and is now saying things like "what about Uluru?"


I hope I'm not dreaming, can you sleep-post? :)



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