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Jamie Honan

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Hi to one and all. Just got off the phone talking to Ian.


I'm a student, flying at The Oaks, with Sydney Recreational Flying Club. Lightwings.


I also did some time at Moruya on their Gazelle.


A couple of my stories are on the SRFC web site: http://www.srfc.org.au.


Airfield->What can you expect on a training flight, and Constructions->Rick Hull's Nieuport.


Other than that, I have been involved a long time with Linux, helping set up the Sydney Linux User's Group.


My other interests are software (programming), which is my profession, and photography.


Anyway, that's me. Usually I'm more of a lurker.


My goals are to get my licence and keep learning. I actually enjoy the learning as much as anything.







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Hi Jamie - welcome. hey didn't realise when I was talking to you just now that you are into Linux - you may come in handy here - don't suppose you know about Plesk do you ;). Anyway jump in as there are many people here that have gone through the exciting adventure of learning to fly recreational aircraft that are only to willing to help with some friendly advice and answer any questions that you may have!



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I'm not that familiar with web applications such as Plesk, Joomla, phpBB etc. I have done web stuff but at the low level with Perl and Oracle.


One of my more immediate interests is embedded devices, micro-controllers etc.


BTW, for hosting, one interesting option may be nearlyfreespeech.net


It probably doesn't fit your needs but the pay-as-you-go thing may suit some people.


Still exploring dark caverns of the forums. Interesting creatures flit by...





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