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Good Morning, Len Here!

Guest LJS

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Good Morning Everyone


I am an "almost Ultralight Pilot" from South Africa, we arrived in Sydney 2 Months ago (27 Nov '07)


The "Almost" part comes from the fact that I started with my PPL in 2000 ( I logged 8 hours in a '172) but found that to be like driving a car with wings! I went out to a microlight field one Sunday and got chatting to a gent who was doing some work on his aircraft. I told him about my interest in flying and my PPL progress and he offered to take me up for a spin once he was finished with his tinkering. What can I say? I was hooked!I promptly enrolled as a Student at Microlight adventures ( http://www.microlightadventures.co.za/ ) n the next three months I was able to Solo, amass 25 Hours flying time (8 Solo) and gain my Aviation radio operators licence (restricted) Unfortuantely I never completed my MPL checkride due to complications with my business at the time. The urge to return to the sky has always remained and I would like to return to the blue again!


This seems like a good place to meet like minded people!024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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